Crystal Jackson in “Massive Ass” a Round and Brown porn scene

Crystal Jackson dances and shakes her brown booty

That ass could feed a town of sex starved men for a week.

Crystal Jackson is a sight to see with or without clothes! She looks so damn hot in those blue yoga pants (see galleries below) and purple top, it shows her sexy round body perfectly, I almost got lost in her cleavage! Clothes off, Crystal is even sexier… Her big boobs jiggle as she dances and boinks Reality Kings porn stud Romeo Price. It’s super hot to watch Crystal Jackson take off all her clothes and get naked, all the while teasing the camera by touching her sexy hot body. I almost blew my load as she was spreading her ass cheeks so you could get a great view of her brown asshole. Crystal’s pussy gets nice and creamy and you can see all her pussy juice everywhere on Romeo’s thick cock. We are all hoping that Crystal Jackson shows up again and has as much fun as we did!

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Arriel and Ivy: Two new comers appear on First Time Auditions

Two hot college aged babes have a threesome

This picture makes me feel all warm and fuzzy in the crotch

Damn… these two hornball babes play this game like they have been doing it for years. Ivy and Arriel dropped by for a porn audition and walked away with a massive load all over their cute faces. I loved the way these two ladies lezzed out, kissing, fingering, eating pussy, but it was Ivy who took my breath away. Gotta love it when a girl likes anal sex, nut really gets off on having a thick cock up her butt. She rode that shaft, and let Jmac fuck her ass while Arriel ate her pussy. One of the best auditions I have reviewed, I gave it a 9/10. So far this episode has a rating of 9.26/10 from 178 votes. Join up, (it’s only a dollar!!), and cast your vote for these babes. With your support, they can become the next big thing in porn!

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Sasha Brand has a fire crotch for Hot Bush

Sasha Brand plays with her hairy wet pussy

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Wow… this was a hairy pussy lovers’ dream come true. Sasha brand was more than thrilled to take on two guys, her cooch was pretty much dripping when she arrived on set. After some initial playing and fingering of her luscious snatch, she spread wide open for everyone to see deep into her lady parts. Then came the boys! They whipped out their hard cocks and Sasha opened her pretty MILF mouth wide and sucked on both dongs. Those cocks slid into her furry quim with ease, she was so wet! Sasha’s titties bounced as she was fucked reverse cowgirl, a beautiful sight to see, then it came time for the ANAL! Again, wow. Sasha is an anal expert and she does enjoy having a hard cock thrust up inside her asshole. Awesome sauce, indeed.

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Brianna Ray, Jewel, Kristen Cameron star in “Love Stuff” a MILF Next Door episode

Three hot MILFs try out some sex toys on a porn store

They came, they saw, they fucked like crazy... they came, and left with huge smiles. :D

Brianna Ray, Jewel, Kristen Cameron went out shopping out of sheer boredom. Just so happened they went shopping in a porn shop. Well, after trying on some sexy outfits, these MILFs found some sex toys and having a GOOD friend who worked in the store, these sexy ladies put those toys to use. What a beautiful workout! I lost count how many orgasms they all had. One thing is very noteworthy, is just how well these MILFs know how to please each other and know what to do to get each other off. Explosive orgasms, lots of smiles all around.

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Fernannda does it again for “Mike In Brazil – Ass and Heels”

Fernannda gets her ass rammed by Jazz Duro

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Brand new update for Mike In Brazil featuring Fernannda and Jazz Duro. Together they have great sex brought to you through the magic of the interwebs and some help from Reality Kings. Fernannda has some kick ass tits that fascinate me. She does a great little tease while Jazz is off having a shower getting cleaned up for this sex scene. She struts her stuff and we can see her fine Latina ass jiggle a bit as she walks on by, she looks soo hot in that bikini thong. After the tease she and Jazz get down and dirty, she starts giving him head by gently kissing his shaft, licking it up and down and making lots of eye contact. Jazz returns the favour by munching on her wet poonani. Her tits are sweet, ass is fantastic and her clit is a sight to see! Fernannda is a winner in this contest.

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The Allure of Female Genetalia

Let’s start off this post by saying I love pussy. Even after the crappiest day at the day job, I come home and all I want do is bury my head in a pillow; if I look at some pussy, it all changes. “That’s the best thing I have seen all damn day.” I tell myself. “More, please.” I am quite certain this applies to the majority of straight men, as guys with a sex drive, pussy is never far from our minds. We also do think about other things, tits ass, beer but mind you; this post is about pussy. Moreover, the acceptance of pussy in general.

All women do come with a sex drive. At some point in their lives they do want SOMEONE to enjoy sex with, to put those naughty bits to work so to speak. But I cannot begin to count the number of ladies I have been with who were insecure about how their lady parts looked. Quite often, they would describe their pussy as “ugly”, “gross”, “nasty wet hole”, while I felt quite the opposite; it was the best thing I had seen ALL DAMN DAY. Not many ladies can afford to get plastic surgery done to their sexy bits, so they have to live with what they got. Plastic surgery for a pussy… what a waste. A waste of money and time. There is no such thing as a perfect pussy… it all depends on who is looking at her lady parts.

What one fellow may consider pants-droppingly sexy, may not do that much for another. But the truth be told, not one straight guy will turn down a pussy that is offered to him… in the back of our minds there is a little voice saying, “When will I get another chance to do this? Make a move NOW!” Granted, there are exceptions to that rule, moral standards and proper mutual hygiene would apply here, (spread no evil…) As per what makes one guy stiff as a board and a the other, happily chubby greatly depends on the culture and community in which they have grown up. Where one culture may not quantify beauty as a vagina that has been shaved bald, he would have a great appreciation for some peach fuzz.

Fashions come and go with time. Back in the 80′s when I was first exposed to porn, ALL the pornstars had bush, shaving it off was pretty kinky, very risque, even for porn. But porn kept listening to the consumers and porn mongers like Larry Flynt of Hustler, continued to push the envelope. With the internet, we are exposed to every sort of fetish and sub-genre there is out there. But now… shame on any woman who shows her hairy pussy. Granted, it’s not that bad, but people are sheep and if one man says, “Yuck! she has a hairy cooch.” Others will follow suit, just because they are insecure in their own ideas. They don’t lead, they follow. After the Paparazzi had caught Brittany Spears sans undies, there were thousands of men saying, “I would never fuck her! Not even with someone else’s dick!”

I saw those pics. her pussy is pretty damn normal, almost un-remarkable. Just a pair of lips, shaved bald. Not the Hell-Hole of Doom as some guys would have you believe.

In my Google+ circles +Moan Lisa had recently posted a cartoon drawing of fifteen different sorts of poontang.  Here it is:

Your Lady Parts are Normal

Personally, I would gladly munch on any one of these.


All in all, we pussy lovers can’t quibble, or turn down what has been freely given to us. Friends… unwrap her lovely love pocket and enjoy yourselves some fantastic sex. My father once told me. “The best time for sex, is when SHE wants it.” So, when you are faced with a vulva that may not be your buddy’s standards, screw it anyway… IT’S ALL GOOD!

Kylie Sky works her stuff in “First Contact” for XXX porn site First Time Auditions

Kylie Sky rides Jmac's big dong in her first porn scene

Kylie Sky's drapes match her carpet... Love me some ginger pussy!


Kylie Sky has the trademark of a true amatuer, an unshaved pussy! While it may scare some guys, this sexy redhead has a bit of a ginger pussy, which she proudly displays in her very first XXX scene. Jmac doesn’t shy away from a little bit of peach fuzz, he plunges his thick tool deep into her dripp wet snatch! Kylie also has a penchant for cock-sucking, in “First Contact”, she lays on her back on the nearset desk and lets Jmac slide it into her awaiting mouth, tickling her tonsils. She has an easy, breezy way about her, she was very confident in her audition that has left many Reality Kings’ members wondering in which of the 39 sites she will get railed again!

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Tiffany Mynx bumps uglies with Ramon in “Reporting for Booty”

Tiffany Mynx rides a nard shaft in "Reporting for Booty"

Tiffany couldn't help but show us how wet and pink her pussy gets when she is horny.

Ramon goofs up at his job as a bartender, he is losing money for the bar owner by pouring too much booze into the drinks. Tiffany Mynx, as the bar owner, loses her cool and teaches Ramon a lesson or two in ecomonics and how to keep your job. Here’s a BIG hint. Keep the Big Tits Boss HAPPY. In Tiffany Mynx’s case, she defines being happy as having Ramon’s dick all over her sexy mature body and in every hole she can fit him in. Tiffany Mynx is a porntastic mature lover. She has plenty of experience in giving head and ass fucking. Her pussy is beautiful to look at as it just gushes lady juices as Ramon plunges his stiff rod deep into her sweet asshole. Ramon pays lots of attention to her big sexy boobs, getting to suck on them and making her moan as he ate her wet snatch was of the hottest scene ever to hit the Big Tits Boss XXX porn site.

Tiffany Mynx rocks out with Ramon’s cock out, she came hard and fast! Boy, do her tits ever bounce around…

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Zeina Heart stars in “The Right Size” for 8th Street Latinas

Zeina Heart shows her Latina cameltoe

Cameltoe Ahoy!

Ziena Heart was quite the vixen in this XXX porn shoot that she did with Ramon for 8th Street Latinas. She rocked Ramon’s massive cock with her skilful tongue, and let him eat her ass. Ramon wasted no time getting her out of that little red dress, and popped her perfect brown titties into his hungry mouth. Ziena thought she had died and gone to cock heaven when Ramon stuck his hard shaft into her sopping wet pussy. Was she ever tight! Ramon worked that Latina cunt hard before popping a nut all over her cute face. Ziena loved the facial that Ramon gave her and would have taken more from him, if she hadn’t our out our stud out!

Ziena Heart got fucked in so many positions I lost count!

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Euro Sex Parties: Beaverpalooza

Euro Sex Parties presents Beaverpalooza!

So much ass... which one do I munch first?

The boys at Euro Sex parties like to push their envelope. A lot. The took nine of the hottest RK ladies that had partied with them before and had a sexual celebration. Like toe sucking? There was toe sucking, these men will eat feet. Nipple sucking? Hot damn these girls were sucking each other titties like they missed a free lunch. Cock sucking? The hot fuck squad took to sucking hard penis like… pornstars. Let’s face it, Beaverpalooza was a success, a hit, and it won’t be soon forgotten by the Euro Sex Crew nor by the RK members. Check out what these people are saying:

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